Soul-3 Ring

500.00 USD

Engraving on Ring : "It is no miracle that I love You; But the true miracle is that You love me"


The Soul Collection features poetry that talks about universal truth and the search for meaning within oneself. Messages that although written for the world, will hold a unique personal significance for its wearer.

Technical Details:

• Metal: 925 sterling silver
• Rose gold plating
• Width: between 10.6 mm to 11.8 mm
• Do not engrave
• Fits true to size
• Product code: EECS-RD0N-R-C05

More About the Inscription:
Abu Yazid Al Bistami

It is no miracle that I love You; But the true miracle is that You love me

Abu Yazid is one of the most important Sufi poets to have written about Divine love. He is also known as the ‘Sultan of the Knowledgeable’ due to his vast intellect. His disinterest in the material world from a young age and his lifetime dedication to worshiping God gained him the admiration of many. He believed that God Almighty is pleased with anyone whose heart beats with love and tolerance. His writings characterized by wisdom won him the hearts of generations and helped many a souls to revel in love of the Almighty.


Abu Yazid Al Bastami

Color of Silver

Sterling Silver

Stone Category

0 stones

Stone Type

No Stones

Silver Color



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