About Ebbarra Collection

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Be it the passion between Romeo & Juliet or the undying bond of Ablah & Antarah, love is a river that runs eternal. Featuring poetic gems from Arabic literature, this collection is a treasure trove of deeply passionate words dedicated to your ‘One & Only’

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The Soul Collection features poetry that talks about universal truth and the search for meaning within oneself. Messages that although written for the world, will hold a unique personal significance for its wearer.

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For people who find both inspiration and respite in sacred words, Spiritual features the wisdom found in the Holy Qur’an and the hadiths of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H.). These pieces form a tangible connection between mortal souls and immortal lessons.

About Ebbarra

Words hold immense power. Spoken or written, they can change the course of history. Especially, in the Arab World, where the power of words is known to transverse cultures. EBBARRA takes its inspiration from this power

EBBARRA meaning ‘phrase’ in Arabic is a collection of eloquent poetry; verses that have forever inspired people, touched their souls and even transformed their lives. Each piece allows you to make poetry your own, soulful treasures that can be worn to provide courage, safety, motivation or even to revel in its sheer beauty.

Spiritual, Soul and Love, EBBARRA’s three core collections bring to life poetic verses that can express your deep bond with the divine, the strength of your soul and depth of your love.


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