Love-1A Ring

650.00 USD

Engraving on Ring : "My love for you has no bounds I long for you like no other"


Be it the passion between Romeo & Juliet or the undying bond of Ablah & Antarah, love is a river that runs eternal. Featuring poetic gems from Arabic literature, this collection is a treasure trove of deeply passionate words dedicated to your ‘One & Only’.

Technical Details:

  • Metal: 925 sterling silver
  • Rose gold plating
  • 1 Natural Diamond ct. 0,01 – color G/H – Vs
  • Weight 6g
  • Do not engrave
  • Fits true to size
  • Made in Italy

More About the Inscription:
Antarah ibn Shaddad

إنّ هواك قد جازَ المدىوأنا المُعنّى فيكِ من دونِ الورى

My love for you has no bounds I long for you like no other

Antarah ibn Shaddad, a pre-Islamic era poet was known for his pride and strength. Contrary to his imposing character, he fell deeply in love with Ablah upon seeing her in one of his battles. He soon started writing poems about her, and this revealed his eloquence and creativity to the public. Ablah’s love transformed Antarah’s persona from that of a fearsome soldier to that of a gentle lover. He continued composing love poetry for her till the very end of his days. He wrote some of the most beautiful verses in Arabic love poetry for this beloved he could never have.


Antarah ibn Shaddad

Color of Silver

Sterling Silver

Stone Category

Diamond Outside

Stone Type


Silver Color



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